Saint Saens is particularly blessed for its shops, all being conveniently close to the central square so that one’s shopping can all be done on foot.

Details of individual shops would not be helpful here. Suffice it to say that all the shopkeepers are friendly and welcoming.

Below is a list of local shops, the great majority of which are within a step of the main square:

A good sized Carrefour supermarket
An independent butcher
An independent charcuterie.
Three bakers
A fishmonger/fruiterer
A delicatessen/fruiterer
Two florists
A newsagent
A handful of small bars
A post office
A medical centre
Two chemists
A discount supermarket (Mutant)
Four hairdressers
A small Co-Op market
Two banks

Market day in Saint Saens is Thursday morning

For connoisseurs of markets however, the most comprehensive local market is surely that on Mondays in nearby Buchy.

For specialist shopping for food or non food, Neufchatel is fifteen minutes by car, and Rouen – capital of Normandy, 35 minutes by car., Dieppe 35 minutes.