Saint Saens golf club is one of the best courses in northern France, especially in the summer, when dry and well kept.

The course’s challenge lies in it’s variety, with three very distinctive environments golfers will need to overcome. The first holes begin near the Varenne river, with water coming into play on many of the first t-shots.

Once you have cleared the damper areas of the course, one climbs through the woods, with a series of tricky holes which require as much accuracy as the opening salvo do. The highest part of the course behind the woods may seem easier, but menacing rough and high winds can easily spoil the party even though the fairways are wider and more open.

Saint Saens golf course is also an enjoyable walk, with a lot of wildlife to be seen. With a cosy bar and club house, as well as a hotel, it has all the facilities and features one would expect of a decent French golf club.

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